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Writer's Block: Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Apr. 24th, 2008 | 08:57 am
location: In the Bat Cave, ordering pizza. XD

What are your neighbors like?
*chuckles* Ooooooh, my neighbors.

Well, I suppose I ought to start off by saying that,  at 17, my little brother is the youngest person in our neighborhood. My parents wanted to move into a quiet, peaceful setting, far away from the ridiculous, ghetto style apartments we'd been living in, and so....an un-official retirement community seemed like the perfect setting.

That having been said, I've got some pretty entertaining neighbors. We'll start off with Precious Grass. Nobody actually knows his real name, but  starting as soon as Spring comes around, the man is out, every day, spraying/picking at/watering/starting at/ otherwise being obsessive with his damn grass. And its the most perfect yard that has ever been known in the history of the universe...and he won't let anyone look at it. The last person that dawdled too long on the sidewalk in front of his house, he ended up chasing up the street with his dog and his cane. It was actually a bit alarming.

The next people, our actual next door neighbors, are really, really nice people...but they're all completely out of their damn minds. We live in this small little culdasac thing...and for everyone's birthday/special occasion/national holiday....they like to set off fireworks. In the middle of the street. Its pretty fantastic, but it scares the bloody hell out of anyone who happens to drive down the street at the time. Also, the last time we all got together...(my family and theirs has this weird BBQ/Euchre/Fireworks block party thing they do...Lord knows why....)...we were all sitting out there....and the Dad guy for their family...brought my little brother and I Vodka. The look on Geoff's face was utterly priceless, I just laughed, and my neighbor just shushed us and pretended like nothing had happened. (Side note, our own Dad actually let us keep the stuff. I thought Geoff was going to faint dead away from the joy. Weird ass people I live with.)

Our neighbor on the other side is probably the sweetest, and most normal person i've ever met. She's this really nice old lady, who wants me and everyone else to call her Gramma...and she likes to give out cookies and iced tea. I go get her milk sometimes....although she's been away for a while, and it's kinda sad, because she adds some muchly needed compassion and sanity to the culdasac.

Other than them, the only other notable person that lives on our street is the crazy, mean-ass red-neck motherfucker that likes to call the cops every ten second for no real reason in general. He somehow got ahold of a radar gun, and if anyone goes past his house faster than (and this is not an exaggeration), two miles per hour over the speed limit, he calls the cops for reckless driving/child endangerment. Cuz...he's got kids, and even though they weren't outside at the time...they could have been...and the driver, driving recklessly as they were...could have hit the curb, come up into his lawn and killed them all.  So, the cops are at his house at least three times a week, EVERY week...and when they're not, he stands on his lawn, beer in hand and wifebeater faithfully stretched over his belly, screaming at people to "stop making so much noise!", and "stop driving so fast!", and "Goddamn it, you better fucking respect me, and listen to what the fuck I'm telling you!"

So, yea. They're a weird bunch, to be sure. And since we're probably going to live in that house until forever, we're all going to have to learn to get along....or the whole place might just explode. Special, ne?

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Thoughts on a Gloomy Day

Apr. 23rd, 2008 | 11:51 am
location: Over there.
mood: numbnumb

Well, hello again, Mr/Ms. Whoever happens to read my journal. How're y'all doing?

I'm doing pretty well...except for the excessive, relentless downspiritedness that has been plaguing me recently. Have you ever felt like, you wanted to just poke a hole in the world, and disappear into it...just go somewhere else where shit makes sense and you don't have to deal with any of this...whatever it is...anymore? (Just as a side note, NO...I do NOT mean suicide. I mean being transported. So...don't panic or freak out, okay? XD)

I know, it's a really odd way to feel...confuses the hell outta me....but that's how I've been feeling lately. Weirdly detached and very alone.  *points to stacks upon stacks of cliched, emo poetry and rubs temples* 

Erehm...just as a warning, the rest of this entry is probably just going to ramble on in a similar way, so..if you've got things you'd rather be doing, feel free to go off and do them, I won't be offended. 

Uhm, yea. I was actually going to start posting this story I"ve been working on...but seeing as someone has made off with my notebook *coughmomcough*, I'll be doing no such thing. At least, not yet.                                                                                                                                                                                      

 But, yes, back to the subject of this entry. If there ever was one, I guess. Have you ever just felt like...the people that say they care, really don't? And that, anyone you really love, only sticks around you to get the things they want? Ever heard the saying, "Every group of friends has that one asshole that no one likes...and if you can't think of who it is, then it's probably you?" Well....I can't think of one. x___x 

You try and try, so hard  to make the people around you happy, and when the time comes that maybe, you need a little attention of the same kind...suddenly, everyone on the planet disappears. Happens to me fucking constantly, and I'm beginning to lose patience with it. All I really want, even if its just fucking once, is for someone to pay enough attention...to give enough of a damn...to see right through that smile, and maybe take the time to ask, "What's wrong?" 

It's been so damn long since anyone's asked me that with any sort of sincerity, that I can't even remember who it was anymore. 

The point of this rant, really, is that no one gives a shit. I know they don't, THEY know they don't, but despite that...I'm just going to go on consoling them, because confronting them would be pointless.

Because I"m too much of a fucking coward to deal with the idea that they might really run off and leave if I did that. 

*Sighs heavily* Yea, sorry everyone. Didn't mean to waste five minutes of your life. Feel free to flame and/or ignore. Ima go over there now. *points in random directions and blunders away*

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Random Funny Story of the Day

Apr. 18th, 2008 | 02:10 pm
location: Marlow's back pocket, man.

 As some of you know, my family is having money troubles.

So, it was kind of a shock when he randomly showed up with McDonalds for everyone.

"Dad, how did you do that?" I asked, shocked.

"FM." He calmly replied.

I furrowed my eyebrows, confused. "Found Money?" I asked, trying to clarify his acronym.

"No," He replied, equally cool. "Fucking Magic."


Yea, I died laughing. 

Sorry, very random, I know, but I loved it.

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Writer's Block: *Lightbulb Goes Off*

Apr. 17th, 2008 | 12:34 pm
location: Marlow's Jacket.

What was the last great epiphany you had?

Mmmmmmmm. The last great epiphany that I had. I'd say, it was probably when I realized that...in RL...I swear WAAAY too much. But the problem isn't really that I swear too much, or that anyone swears too much, for that matter. 

The problem is, that the thought that we swear too much should have to enter our heads at all. Isn't there something in the Bill of Rights that says we're allowed to say whatever we want, as long as it doesnt infringe on another person's rights?

Well, I ask you...how does me saying Fuck infringe on anyone's rights? I'm not being racist, sexist, or intolerant of anyone's religion, life choice, or sexual preference by saying it. I'm just...saying it. Because it happens to be a fantastic word. 

And the first person who stands up and says to me, "You're infringing on people's rights to not have to read the word f***!" is getting a pizza to the face. I'm not holding a gun to anyone's head, and forcing them to either listen to my words, or read my various blogs. They can come here if they want, and they can feel free to leave here if they want, and I could honestly give a shit less. Sure, you're entitled to your opinion, but i'm also entitled to mine. My opinion is, that your argument is invalid. Go play in traffic. 

Long story short....we shouldn't have to censory certain adaptive adjectives, sometimes called explitives, from our everyday speech, just because a few over-sensative people can't handle "bad words." 



*coughs* Erehm...yea. That was my amazing thought for the day. You can all go about your daily lives now. Sorry.

Long story short

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(no subject)

Apr. 10th, 2008 | 11:43 am
location: On top of the Empire State Building, dropping pennies. XD
mood: sillysilly
music: Random piano music

 Well, its another magical day in the life of me....here's how its gone so far:

1. Wasn't able to actually get to sleep last night until three hours before I had to be awake. This insomnia thing is starting to get on my nerves.

2. Realized too late that I included Danny Huston as a fact about myself on an english exercise, that involved me writing three statements, one of them being a lie, and seeing if the rest of the class could figure out which was which. (Which seemed more like psychology than english, but whatever.) Well...got a LOT of strange looks, and had to explain, to a class full of grown people, who Danny is. I kind of cried when no one knew. 

3. I...am broke as a damn joke. I didn't have any time to eat breakfast, and will be spending the remainder of the day in a similarly foodless state.

4. Walked straight into the men's restroom on accident...and it was apparently National Everyone Use the Urinal day. I never want to see that many naked men again. 

This may not seem so bad....but it IS. And its not even noon. I don't get to go home until 8 o'clock tonight.

My hopes are not very high for a happy, successful day.

Also, I would like to note, although I'm pretty sure its irrelevant, that yesterday in  my town it was 72 degrees and sunny. Today...its 40, with the possibility of snow showers and a dip in temperature later on. I really...REALLY...hate the pms-y, schizo weather patterns in Ohio. A lot.

I think that's pretty much it. The only other lementable news in my life currently is that my favorite pen died. As soon as I got it, I wrote a bunch of little ficlets, including the one I posted previously about Marlow...and now it's dead, and I fear my writers block will now re-settle around me for another six months. It was just some pen I found, and no one seems to know what kind of thinger it takes, so I can't buy a re-fill, either. *sigh* Damn it all.

Anyways...i'm done for now. I promise, eventually I will have something to say that's not in the form of a bitch-fit. Sadly, today is not that day. Tata!


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Eeeerhm. Random-ish writings...writing...yea.

Apr. 8th, 2008 | 03:07 pm

So, I was sitting in my ridiculously boring english class, when I was struck with a sudden inspiration to write about Marlow. I would like to make a few slight disclaimers, before I continue. 

1. I own NOOOOO rights to 30 Days of Night, or any of its constituents, subsidiaries, or anything else. No no, and no.

2. I realize that this is nowhere near the callibar of some of the other stuff published about Marlow on here, or elsewhere on the web. I wrote this for the purpose of amusing myself, and maybe to cause at least one giggle of happiness from the general populous. So, comments are welcomed, but please, don't like, throw things at me if you don't like it. A little civility is all that I ask. :)

So, here goes nothing!


Something about the man is immediately striking.


 Perhaps it is the darkened eyes, blacker than the night he resides in, and yet unnaturally bright in their evident intelligence; in their inherent knowledge of his prey…in their inherent hatred for them.  Or perhaps it is his stance in general. While the rest of his brethren are twitchy, constantly moving, restless figures in the night, he is still. From afar, one might think him frozen, but up close, that stillness sets him apart from the others. He is calm, collected; his stance is relaxed and foreboding. He is confident in his age and abilities, in his knowledge of his prey, and in his patience; possessed of a towering build and strength unique even for his kind, he already knows the outcome of any altercation he might encounter, and so he is unworried. A contemplative shadow in the night.


Really, though, probably the most striking, or perhaps, the most strikingly terrifying thing about Marlow Valente isn’t something tangible. What really sets him apart, from humans and vampires alike, is his sense of agelessness…of timelessness. The sheer, yawning enormity of his existence and experience serves to nearly nullify by comparison the short, futile existence of those he hunts; of those he hunts with.

His whole being exudes that feeling: that he was around before the human race pulled itself together in small, huddling clumps of civilization, and that he will be around long after they’ve managed to burn themselves to the ground. Their struggle, their turmoil and strife, their very lives mean nothing to him, because there is no reason for him to care. Yet, even as his visage terrifies, exacting a certain awe from anyone he meets…his freedom and confidence make him intriguing…almost beautiful.


He is, by definition, a forbidden oddity of nature. This affords him, however, a certain freedom, which most humans instinctively fear and despise. Underneath that instinctual knee-jerk reaction, however, they are subconsciously drawn to him for the very same reason. Perhaps it is that detachment from human constraints and conventions, that detachment from the mundane, yet oppressive pressures of the world, which causes such a conflicting, compelling reaction. It is forbidden, of course; and while most people whisper of such things to each other in the dead of night, when the world is quiet and no one is around to hear, they would never really go through with it. Despite his dark, intriguing attractiveness, not many would willingly enter Marlow’s world. And with good reason…despite all, we humans have something pretty good to live, and to die for. But that doesn’t stop the thought from crossing our minds, as we watch his dark visage stalk across our screens, our computers, and our minds.


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Apr. 6th, 2008 | 11:31 pm
location: In Marlow's shirt. And I'm here to stay. XD
mood: boredbored

I would like to state, from the get-go, that I am utterly bored. Not just utterly bored...sickeningly bored. 

Why, you might ask? 

Because I live in Ohio, and it sucks here. 

I realize that I do a lot of ranting in this thing, but...that''s kind of what it's for, right?

So, now, I shall rant about my current predicament. Being, that pretty much all but two of my friends live about a zillion miles away from me in other states...and the only two around here have work in the morning, so I can't just pop into their houses.  So I"m stuck here...drinking generic-brand juice, eating stew, and typing into this thing, which probably no one really reads anyways. 

On a slightly more interesting note, if anyone does happen to read this...have any of you seen Cloverfield yet? I went and saw it today, and I was floored. I mean, I know loads of people think its a silly movie, and a few people got up and left while I was watching it, but I"ll tell you, it scared me shitless. Not so much because of the monster or the effects, but because it was realistic. Like...if that kind of crap actually happened, thats exactly HOW it would happen, and that's what made it so freaky. (Although, the monster thing was scary as hell, too. If anyone's seen it, there's a scene towards the end which proves my point, and you know what it is. I don't wanna give out any spoilers.)

Soooooo, yea. That's all for now. I'll try to have something at least marginally relevant to say when I come back. Thanks! 

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Writer's Block: Spring Cleaning

Apr. 5th, 2008 | 04:30 pm
location: In the treehouse, man. XD
mood: calmcalm

Are you planning on doing any spring cleaning this year? If so, please share a cleaning tip you swear by.
 *laughs hysterically* Oh, if you knew me, you'd understand how ridiculous this is. But alright, I'll bite...prepare yourself, for A Packrat's Guide to Cleaning!

1. First of all, find all the random plates/glasses/yogurt cups/ misc. food items that you've left in your room for several years. Using protective gear, move them to the yard and leave them there. If there's going to be a biohazard, best leave it to the proper authorities. No use causing yourself more trouble, right?

2. Find all the clothing that's been shoved into random places, under the bed, in the closet, hanging from the ceiling fan, or dangled out the window like a flag. Place them in a duffle bag, and take the damn things to the laundry room or the dry cleaners. I know its much easier and much more fun to ignore the pile of dirty clothes, that grows every day as though it were a living being, but eventually, you need to wear clean clothes. Trust me, not only will you notice a significant decrease in bitching from your mother, but also a significant increase in the opposite sex coming within ten feet of you. Its a win/win situation, really. 

3. Do NOT make your bed. This is an exercise handed down by "The Man" to keep you down. No one will be sleeping in your bed besides you, and there is no reason for it. So, leave it unkempt and messy. Fight the powah!

4. Another thing that will not help you clean at all, is throwing things away. Be it old stuff animals, notes, posters, small animals, small children, or anything else....all throwing that stuff away does is cause you emotional stress. So, if you REALLY need to free up room, put everything in a bag and put it in the crawl-space. This will allow you a reason to go into the attic, which is fantastic, but it will also allow you to keep your loved/treasured items near you at all times, without making your parental unit/roomie or whatever a reason to be irritated by the "state of your room."

5. If you have a pet, clean the litter box, or wherever they have to make waste. Seriously. Go now. If not, then clean the bathroom. It will make your roomie/parental unit happy, and then you won't have to deal with those nasty hair-pies that accumulate in the drain anymore. And you know what I mean, because those things are EVERYWHERE. 

There you have it. The 5-step program that will lead to sure fire success with your Spring Cleaning. 

Or, they might just get you stared at and ignored. >.> Either way, its the thought that counts, and as long as you think positive, you're all winners!


*gags* Yea, I'm done here. Catch you all next time on: "Avi Needs a Life!"

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Writer's Block: Where in the World...

Apr. 3rd, 2008 | 10:03 pm
location: Standin' next to Marlow, plotting the end of the world. XD
mood: boredbored

If you were independently wealthy, where in the world would you live and how would you spend your time?
 Oh, goodness...if I were independently wealthy...first of all, I would NOT be driving around in my mom's half-dead car. *coughs something about a Nissan 350z* But as for where I'd live...well, that's actually a toss-up between several places. If I could find a way to keep the sharks and drug dealers away, I'd definitly live in the Caribbean. But as that's not going to happen, I'd have to have houses in Ireland, Japan, and Italy. And L.A....because a certain amazingly wonderful, sexy and talented actor lives there...(Yes, I realize that TOTALLY narrows it down, but if you think about it hard enough, I'm sure you can figure out who I mean. XD)

But, Japan, because I'm majoring in Japanese, and its an amazing place...Ireland, because I"ve always been attracted to the place, and I have an affinity for rainy,  green places that are close to the ocean...and Ireland is a beautiful country, as well. And Italy, because...hell, who wouldn't want to live in Italy. It'd be worth it just to be near Tuscany and Venice. 

The problem with this, of course, is actually becoming independently wealthy in the first place. Because, I must tell you, it's really not going to happen. Not to me or anyone close to me anytime soon. College and medical bills and gas tend to suck the life out of this dream rather quickly. Ya know? XD

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(no subject)

Apr. 3rd, 2008 | 09:08 pm
mood: blahblah

 *Le sigh* Well, the evening started off promising, and ended with a dud instead of a bang.

You see, I was going out to a friends house, to spread the uber joy that is 30 Days of Night. This, as I'm sure you can imagine, is a seriously exciting endeavor, because if you can convert even one more person to being madly enthralled by Danny Huston's sexiness, then you've already won the game, and all you had to do was watch your favorite movie.

And so, in my moment of triumph at finally having something to do at night other than stare blankly into the internet....enter my mortal enemy: The Flu Bug.

That's right...the people I was going to see have, in the four days or so since we talked, have contracted the flu. Poor buggers...

...Honestly, everyone's getting sick lately. As soon as I get over it, the entire world seems to contract it. 

Damn you, flu bug. What'd humanity ever do to you???? *Shakes a futile fist at the sky, then slumps down and sighs*

e___e; Ah well. Nothing I can do about it, really...I guess I'll be off. Ciao for now!

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